Zoran Zelenika
Zoran Zelenika

Hotel Lavanda

Branding and illustration

A branding project for Hotel Lavanda. Client proposed to have a natural, peaceful and harmonious visuals to represent the hotel, mostly geared towards pilgrims and tourists looking to sink themselves into sights, sounds and aromas of sunny Herzegovina. 

Design was heavily inspired by local fabric patterns and the process relied on creating a series of hand drawings to try and capture the herbal pattern of lavender. Logo represents a lavender bush, nested in a soothing, balanced oval shape and it's placed symmetrically above the logotype to emphasise the peaceful and restful nature of the location.  


We played with the logo mark design and extrapolated it into a repeatable pattern to be used on hotel stationary designs.


Aside from designing visual assets for the clients, we also set out to create a series of signed art prints used to decorate the rooms. Illustrations are depicting the region of Herzegovina, land of stone, sun and smiles. 


Project was a collaboration with visual artist and illustrator Maja Rubinic.